2021-22 Sun Journal All Region Women’s Basketball Teams

Name, team, class, Position
Player of the Year: Sierra Carson, Oxford Hills, Junior, Guard
Ella Pelletier, Oxford Hills, rookie, forward
Fall Freeman, Mountain Valley, Senior, Guard
Winnie Larochelle, Rangeley, Senior, Guard
Jaydn Pingree, Spruce Mountain, sophomore, guard

Name, team, class, Position
Morgan Zetts, Telstar, sophomore, guard
Molly Corbett, Oxford Hills, junior, guard
Jayce Brophy, Dirigo, Junior, Guard
Natalie Beaudoin, Lewiston, sophomore, forward
Maddie Perkins, Winthrop, Senior, Guard

Name, team, class, Position
Eva Stevens, Mt. Blue, senior, guard
Brooklynn Alexander, Oxford Hills, Senior, Forward
Freshman Izzy Morelli, Gray-New Gloucester
Lydia Rice, Winthrop, senior, guard
Olivia Mastine, Spruce Mountain, Sophomore, Guard

Emilie Eastlack, father, Rangeley; Koral Morin, So., and Ellie Legare, So., Lewiston; Gabbi Bolduc, Sr., Poland; Paige Gonya, Sr., Oak Hill; Alana Young, Sr., Mountain Valley; Madi Turcotte, Sr., and Layla Facchiano, Fr., Edward Little; Jessie Zimmerman, Sr., St. Dom’s; Jazmine Pingree, Sr., Spruce Mountain; Caitlyn McCoy, Fr., Leavitt; Madeline Wagner, Fr., Winthrop; Holly Hunt, Jr., Monmouth; Alyvia Perreault, Sr., Dirigo; Abi Wilcox, Jr., Mount Abram; Alyssa Lichfield, Sr., Buckfield.

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