A teenager uses his basketball skills to raise money for his best friend injured in a football accident

that’s what friends are for

Best friends since sixth grade, Marcos San Miguel and Jordan Sloan have discovered over the past 18 months just how strong their bond is.

Atlanta residents have connected through sports – San Miguel is a star on the basketball court and Sloan on the football field. In September 2020, Sloan took a blow to the head during a game and was rushed to hospital, where he was put on a ventilator. He prolonged trauma to the brainstem, and since the accident, has been working to regain her mobility and strength.

Doctors are preparing to remove his tracheostomy and Sloan is now able to move all parts of his body. Six days a week, he follows rehabilitation sessions, with the aim of one day being able to play sports again. All the while, San Miguel cheered on his best friend from the sidelines and found a way to support him through basketball.

San Miguel began taking pledges for every charge he took at a basketball game, to give Sloan’s family the money to buy items not covered by insurance, like a manual wheelchair and a reforming machine. “I really wanted to do whatever I could to help,” San Miguel told CBS News. “He would have done something similar for me.”

Until now, San Miguel raised over $14,800. Sloan’s mother, Jasmine Jamieson, is grateful for how San Miguel stepped in to help and said she’s unsure “if I’ll ever be able to really thank him. I’ll try for the rest of my life.”