Adam Sandler shows off his basketball skills with an incredible shot

Adam sandlerThe actor’s skill with a basketball was presented in spectacular fashion this week after the actor shocked fans by attempting an unimaginable challenge.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, the 55-year-old made his “Saturday Night” special by filming a snap from a balcony. The clip begins with Sandler, who wears an orange hoodie and blue shorts, getting the ball tossed. As he continues, the actor says as he manages to shoot him through the hoop: “My name is Adam Sandler and this is a balcony ball.”

While this recently shared clip showed Sandler enjoyed sports in his spare time, the M. Acts star has found ways to incorporate it into his plans. In the 2010s The adults, Sandler, who played Lenny Feder, played on a basketball team with his childhood friends (played by David Spade, Kevin James and Chis Rock), when they were younger. In the film, they finally had to face their old rivals.

The second film, which included a heavy basketball theme, was the famous Uncut Gems. The film – about a jeweler making a risky bet that could potentially lead to a huge fortune – centers around the 2012 NBA playoffs and also starred former basketball player and Hall of Fame member Kevin Garnett.

Sandler’s latest project, titled Jostle, will see the actor play an unlucky basketball scout who discovers a player with a difficult past. Sandler ultimately decides to bring the talent back with him to the United States as they both prove they are worthy to be a part of the NBA. The film also stars Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall, Ben Foster and Inside the NBA analyst Kenny Smith.