CES students combine jump rope and basketball skills for a good cause

The 100 Coloma Elementary School students in Mr. Zoellner’s physical education classes recently participated in the Kids Heart Challenge program to raise money for the American Heart Association. CES raised $7,078 during the month of March to benefit young people with heart disease. The dollar amount was the highest amount ever collected by CES and $5,000 more than the previous highest amount.

Kindergarten through 6th graders participated in jumping and basketball activities during physical education class to end the donation campaign. Mrs. Soper’s freshman class of ten students raised the most money and won a luncheon sponsored by Subway. Mr. Toutant’s sixth-grade class earned the most heart points (obtained through jump rope and basketball scores) and will have the opportunity to pin Mr. Zoellner to the cafeteria wall.

Coloma Elementary appreciates all members of the community who have donated to this incredible program.

Photo 1: These students from Coloma Elementary Students (CES) were the first ten to win money for the Kids Heart Challenge program. (front): Marley Cumberland, Greyson Sanchez, Sawyer Nowak, Zander Johnson, Peighton Schultz and Caleb Rasmussen; (behind): Ryan Mantz, Isla Zoellner, Tucker Buchholz, Stella Zoellner, Kaitlyn Ast and Tyler Ast. These twelve students raised over $5,000 of the CES total. Zander was the top earner in the program, raking in over $1,400.

Photo 2: These CES students earned the most heart points during their KHC event in Mr. Zoellner’s PE class. (front): Aidan Podoll, kindergarten, Aileah Coon, kindergarten, Sawyer Nowak, grade one, Isla Zoellner, grade one, Ryan Mantz, grade two, Melia Hennig, grade two, and Taylor Wepking, grade three; (behind): Stella Zoellner, third year, Zachariah Bouchard, fourth year, Raegan Nelson, fourth year, Nolan Vossekuil, fifth year, Marinna Menke, fifth year, Abraham Marotz, sixth year, and McKenna Ogren, sixth year.