Chinese boy’s basketball skills could make him the next Stephen Curry

A video of a Chinese child basketball player showing off his skills has gone viral, with netizens drawing comparisons between the young basketball player and NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

Throughout the clip, which has more than 57,000 likes since it was uploaded to Twitter on Wednesday, it’s clear the Chinese youngster has modeled his game on Stephen Curry’s lethal attacking arsenal, flaunting everything from sneaky floaties to sneaky back jump shots.

The video drew various reactions from basketball fans, with many commenting on the player’s curry skills and one even hailing him as the “Szechuan Chef Curry”.

Over the past few decades, basketball has grown from a localized pastime to a global phenomenon, attracting fans and players from around the world. In China, the NBA has become the most popular sports league in the country, with more than 300 million players and partnerships with major companies such as Weibo and Tencent.

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While it’s been years since an Asian player made a splash in the NBA, if this video is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before a superstar in the same vein as Yao Ming or Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene.

Characteristic image via @KlayforTrey / NBA