Clip of VSU president showing off his basketball skills goes viral | Latest Richmond News

In another video, Andrews slams a ball onto a small plastic hoop hanging from a door. Andrews, who weighs over 250 pounds, crashes into a wall leaving a hole in the drywall. This clip also took off and Abdullah reached out to offer his congratulations and volunteer to star in a future video.

But the pandemic happened weeks later, and it took more than a year for the school president’s cameo.

For his latest project, Oyeneyin decided to film a series of shots where he shows off his basketball dribbling skills, showing random passers-by on campus. When he meets Abdullah, the president overshadows the student.

Oyeneyin served as manager, telling Abdullah to first bounce the ball off Oyeneyin’s forehead and then dribble it between his legs. Then, in a moment shown in slow motion, Abdullah dribbles with his left hand, leaning to his left side, then quickly dashes to the right, crossing Oyeneyin, eliciting a surprised reaction from passers-by.

“I know how to make it real,” Oyeneyin said in an interview.

They recorded several takes, but “everything was good,” Oyeneyin said. In one take, Oyeneyin actually slipped and fell during the crossover, but that shot didn’t make the final cut.