Days of play, shootouts improve summer basketball skills | News

The basketball season for local high schools goes through the cooler months of the year, but dozens of local teenage players stay in gear this time of year, traveling to the Aiken-Augusta area. for unofficial competition and the chance to improve without the pressure of the regular season.

“We just want to get together and have some game time,” said Al Young, head coach of North Augusta High School girls’ basketball, in the midst of planning a ‘game day’ scheduled for Thursday on the field. Lady Jackets.

The guest list, earlier this week, was to include schools in Fox Creek, Strom Thurmond, Aiken, Midland Valley and Georgia Grovetown and Josey. The start time is 4 p.m.

“We’re trying to play against people that we don’t play during the season and find work. It’s just about practice for some young kids. It’s about learning. It’s not about learning. winning and losing. It’s just making our kids play, and sometimes a chance to play for some of our younger ones, and we all need that stuff, ”Young added.

Fox Creek boys’ basketball head coach Andrew Peckham said his team had several shootouts on their June schedule, including one scheduled for Tuesday, June 22 and (after a day of practice only) Thursday June 24. Fox Creek Summer Shootout Game starts both days at 1 p.m. and final matches will start at 7 p.m.

Visiting teams must be Aiken, Strom Thurmond, Airport, Mid-Carolina, Eau Claire, Batesburg-Leesville, McCormick and Bamberg-Ehrhardt.

Beckham’s band got off to a good start in their summer shootouts on June 12, starring in the McCormick Shootout and beating Dixie, Emerald and Greenwood in the process.

“We have a lot of basketball across the state – a lot of schools,” he said. “It’s an open season for the South Carolina High School League, where they allow us to do these games.”

He added: “We use summer basketball to help develop current players and also rising ninth graders… The goals are just their fundamentals and skills and also learn to play together as a teammates, because… graduate, so you get a first glimpse of what you have in the future, for the winter. “

Basketball season, under normal circumstances, begins in late November or early December, and state championship games are typically held in early March.

The Riverview Park Activities Center was also on the radar of several women’s teams in South Carolina at the end of June. A showcase is scheduled for June 28-29, with Fox Creek, Aiken and South Aiken among the local teams on the program, as well as long-distance travelers such as James Island, Bluffton, Nations Ford and Goose Creek.

Peckham, assessing the goal of the summer game, said: “I tell our guys we want to win. We’re competitive, but also, summer isn’t just about winning basketball games. it’s about learning to play together, learning to compete for possession – that sort of thing… We play together everyday and we travel together and we build this camaraderie and we build our culture here, as far as it goes. it takes to be a successful basketball program.