Drake’s son Adonis flaunts his basketball skills and impersonates Lebron James

Famous rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, recently showed off his adorable little son Adonis displaying appreciable basketball skills.

Adonis is the rapper’s only son, born on October 11, 2017, and he shares the child with French painter and former model Sophie Brussaux.

Drake is constantly sharing updates of his son on social media, and one of his latest Instagram posts showed budding basketball star Adonis giving off legendary Lebron James vibes.

Drake shares video of his son Adonis showing off commendable basketball skills


The downloaded video captured a fairly spacious basketball court where the tyke ran a few laps, bounced a basketball, shot, and mimicked James’ signature gesture of patting his chest twice.

The loving dad remarked in the caption, “Where does he get @kingjames manners [laughing emoji].”

The youngster looked adorable playing basketball, and Drake was quite proud of his son’s successful shot, as he could be heard saying: “It’s That Man” background.

The post was liked by millions, while the comments section featured hundreds of additional posts applauding the kid’s ball skills.

One fan called Adonis a legend, while another called him a “future leaguer”. One wrote, “Future legend! I can’t wait for it to soak!!” On the other hand, another fan called the kid a perfectionist.

Notable stars like Anthony Hamilton Jr., Gerald Huston, Mark McMorris, Cassandra Steele, Michael Purdie and Jay Pharoah also filled the comments with encouraging words.

The Blast shared that the four-time Grammy winner had previously uploaded another Instagram post of his son rocking a similar hairstyle, specifically cornrows with him, as The Blast share.

They could be seen on Drake’s Instagram Story having dinner together; the songwriter wore a gray shirt and his son a blue sweater. Moreover, their hairstyles were identical in every way except for their hair color.

The Instagram post wouldn’t be the first time the “Toosie Slide” the singer would show off his new hairstyle, as XXL Magazine once shared his cornrows on Twitter.

Naturally, fans had different opinions on the music star’s hairstyle choice. while some had no problem, others criticized it and the hairstyle.

A critic tweeted, “I remember in the mid 2000s men would cut their braids/cornrows etc and rock a caesar cut because they said ‘it’s time to grow up’… so now they were back to that , eh.”

A partisan versus the disapproving remark that it was Drake’s choice to do what he wanted as he wouldn’t be the first man of color to braid his hair.

The 35-year-old’s hairstyle appears to have been inspired by his son, who also had a rather fun French tutoring session a few months ago with his dad.

At the time, the entertainment entertainer released a video on his Instagram showing himself asking Adonis if he thinks he’ll be taller than him when he grows up. The little boy replied saying he would.

Drake then asked his son how tall he thought he would be, to which the toddler gave no immediate answer but moved on to a French session during which he gave his father an answer thought about his previous question.

In the “translated” words of Adonis, “When you’re older. You’re all broken and you’re going back to space. It was an unexpected response, even for the doting father.

the “Certified Lover Boy” Star is cleared of a 3-year restraining order following death threats

Based on a previous report by The BlastDrake was granted a 3-year restraining order against an alleged stalker after receiving death threats from “2017 to present”.

Based on legal documents filed in Los Angeles County court last month, the “Nothing was the same” The rapper has filed for protection for himself and his family from an alleged stalker.

The offender failed to appear in court on the day of the hearing as Drake’s legal team, Larry Stein and Ashley Yeargan, represented their client in court.

Legal documents reported by the outlet also showed the judge approved the restraining order, meaning the alleged stalker would stay away from him and his family until 2025.

She should also be at least 100 yards away from him or any of his family members, which the judge ruled after the suspect offered no explanation for her actions.

The documents also showed that the three-time Juno winner had requested protection for himself, his son, his parents and his attorney.