Fredericksburg Grizzlies player scores airtime with basketball skills | Local

White had an agent pursuing basketball opportunities for him overseas. But with no desirable offers on the table, his agent instead sent him a casting call for the 2018 basketball movie “Uncle Drew,” starring NBA star Kyrie Irving, Durant’s teammate with the Brooklyn Nets. .

White recalled over 500 people auditioning for basketball roles in the film, but he was one of 35 selected.

On the set of “Uncle Drew”, he met the basketball coordinator who informed him about “Swagger”.

White is also the stunt double for actor / comedian JB Smoove on “Real Hollywood Husbands” which will air on BET in 2022. Comedian Kevin Hart is the star of the series. White will return to Los Angeles to finish filming this program in March.

“We did a fight scene, a lot of fight scenes, JB got attacked by a bear or something crazy,” White said. “He and Kevin had a charity fight and JB got his ass whipped in this pretty good.”

“Swagger” is a sports drama loosely based on Durant’s life on the AAU basketball circuit and his childhood in the Washington, DC area as a much-vaunted rookie.

White said perhaps the most rewarding aspect of his role on the show was traveling the Fredericksburg area in search of basketball talent to participate in some of the hoop scenes.