Illinois Youth Basketball Teams Fall Registration Now Open Through Chicagoland West Suburb Sports Complex

The West Suburb Sports Complex is now accepting registrations for the local youth basketball teams of the most talented young players for the fall season. The West Suburban Nomads and Illinois Stars are teams based at the West Suburban Sports Complex. Online registration is available for players who want to try out for the home team. Even though the Illinois Stars tryouts are already over, there are still openings for West Suburban Nomads players. Players should also keep an eye out for any upcoming open spots with the Illinois Stars.

West Suburb Sports Complex

Young players interested in trying out for the West Suburban Nomads are encouraged to sign up before open spots are filled. Programs still available for enrollment are Nomads 8th Grade Boys and Nomads 5th Grade Girls, which have been in full swing since August. The Nomads trials that will start in September and November are for 7th grade girls, 3rd grade boys, 4th grade boys, 5th grade Nomads Blk boys, 5th grade Nomads White boys, Nomads Gray boys from 5th Grade, 6th Grade Nomads Blk Boys, Nomads White 6th Grade Boys, Nomads Blk 7th Grade Boys, Nomads White 7th Grade Boys and Nomads Blk 8th Grade Boys. Entry fees for these trials range from $200 to $350.

West Suburban Sports Complex teams have top-notch coaches, exciting workouts, and high standards of play in structured, competitive environments. These teams of student-athletes selected after extensive testing have the opportunity to play thirty to forty conference and tournament games each season while enjoying quality sports facilities on site.

Readers interested in registering for available spots can visit the West Suburban Sports Complex website at The list contains detailed information about the date, time and duration of the trials, as well as the name of the trainer performing the trials.

A sports complex representative welcomed new talent to try out for the coveted positions on local teams at the West Suburban Sports Complex saying: “Students go through a development phase while securing educational milestones that will benefit them for years to come. Likewise, joining the West Suburban Sports Complex sports team can help you develop teamwork skills, which can help you achieve long-term personal and professional success. Our players not only manage to gather unparalleled play and skill development opportunities, but they also learn important life skills along the way.

He also emphasized the personal growth that young athletes enjoy when they join sports teams. “Children and adolescents can greatly benefit from organized and well-structured youth sports and continued physical activity. These team sports help children and teens develop skills in responsibility, dedication, leadership and problem solving. Our team players also receive tips and tricks from professional coaches with several weekly training sessions to hone their skills.

About the West Suburb Sports Complex

The West Suburban Sports Complex is a gym located at River Bend Dr. in Lisle, Illinois. The sports complex consists of three high school-sized hardwood basketball courts and fourteen 80-foot x 20-foot baseball practice cages. All sports areas are fully equipped and baseball players can request tees, pitchers, pocket radar and pitcher mounds if needed. The gym also offers private and group lessons for the youngest. The West Suburban Sports Complex currently has facilities for basketball, baseball, volleyball, and performance training.


West Suburb Sports Complex

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West Suburb Sports Complex


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