Jacoby Brissett shows off his basketball skills

(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

With the NFL training camp just over a month away, things are looking up a bit for the players as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Teams across the league have completed OTAs and will be hosting their mandatory minicamps soon.

Although there is a lot of business to be transacted during these sessions, they are not limited to serious work.

The Cleveland Browns took their players to the Cleveland Cavaliers training facility, which gave them the opportunity to try their hand at the sport of throwing a spherical ball through a round hoop with a net attached to it.

Many NFL players are very good basketball players, or at least pretend they are, but Browns backs up QB Jacoby Brisset showed he had a decent jumper in a 3-point shooting competition.

It might be an overstatement to say that Brissett picked the wrong sport, but he has a pretty decent jumper.

Brissett’s first love was basketball

Some may not know that basketball was Brissett’s main sport in high school.

He says it was the first sport he fell in love with, and when he stood out on the grill as well, he wasn’t sure what sport he wanted to get into.

At first it looked like maybe it was basketball.

As a chubby 6-foot-4 point guard, he led William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to a state championship as a senior.

His basketball coach there, Fred Ross, told him he had the ability to end up as a first-round pick in the NBA.

In fact, Brissett was recruited to play basketball at some top colleges including the University of North Carolina, whose legendary head coach Roy Williams had a high opinion of him.

However, Brissett eventually realized he had more potential as a football player.

He started out as a freshman offensive lineman, but he insisted on playing quarterback, and that quickly happened.

As he matured and eventually earned the starting QB spot, Brissett led his school to the state football championship during his junior season.

He was fortunate enough to develop a relationship with NFL Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells who convinced him to focus on football.

Will Brissett be able to keep the Browns afloat during a possible Deshaun Watson Suspension?

With fresh start Browns QB Deshaun Watson considered likely to be suspended and incumbent QB Mayfield Baker likely not to remain a member of the team, Brissett could be called upon to lead the team at some point this season.

In 37 career NFL starts, he hasn’t exactly posted impressive numbers, although he has had flashes of genius at times.

But there’s no denying that he was close to greatness.

Brissett was lucky enough to be drafted by the New England Patriots in the 2016 NFL Draft, and he even got to start two contests that year. Tom Brady was suspended due to “Deflategate” and QB2 Jimmy Garroppolo was injured.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl that season, and while Brissett didn’t see the field for a single playoff shot, the experience of being around a championship team and witnessing what some call “The Patriot Way”.

That kind of experience can only help a team like the Browns hoping to build a winning culture.