K-8 kids learn basketball skills during DCHS Tiger Camp

May 28, 2022
From: Dwayne Page

The DCHS Tiger basketball camp returned to DeKalb Middle School last week after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. About 120 boys and girls from kindergarten to grade 8 participated to learn basketball skills and fundamentals.

The camp was led by DCHS basketball coaches John Sanders and Danny Fish and assistant coaches Logan Vance and Maddison Parsley. Basketball players Tiger and Lady Tiger served as camp counselors.

“I think all the kids worked hard and had fun. I had a K-2 group and Coach Vance was above the 6th-8th grade group. Coach Sanders took the group from grades 3 through 5. It was mixed so we had boys and girls in the camp. We are just grateful to have had so much community support for our program,” said Coach Fish.

“We taught the skills, fundamentals from defense to offense including ball handling, passing, shooting, rebounding, interceptions, man, zone etc. It was really just a skills camp. Of course, with different age levels came different skills, so we taught different kids different things,” Coach Fish added.

“We had a very good turnout,” coach Sanders said. “You could tell the kids were really looking forward to getting here and learning and competing and that’s what we love to see. It was for kids entering kindergarten through to kids entering grade 8. During four hours every day we worked on some skills that are really essential to be able to play basketball, the very first day we spent a lot of time working on dribbling, pivoting, passing and shooting and things like that and the kids were able to play basketball every day for the last hour. The younger kids had fun and for them it was really about feeling the basketball in their hands and learning how to catch, dribble and not be afraid of the ball,” added coach Sanders.