Kamala’s basketball skills are almost as good as his handling of the border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris showed off her lack of basketball skills on Wednesday, and the clip went viral online, with many comparing it to her handling of the US-Mexico border crisis.

Harris reportedly missed five of six shots at American college, according at the New York Post. After missing the shot several times, second gentleman Doug Emhoff stepped in and coached his wife on the best way to shoot, according videos shared on Twitter.

Harris’ basketball skills followed an awkward history lesson on Monday where she told a group of school-aged children at the National Museum of African American History & Culture that black people weren’t free in America for 400 years, according to another NY Post report. Slavery was abolished after 246 years of practice, the newspaper noted.

A White House official later clarified the error, telling the outlet that “the vice president was referring to 400 years since slavery began,” according to the NY Post. (RELATED: Ted Cruz, fellow Republicans rip Kamala Harris for going elementary school without a mask)

Harris’ basketball struggles seem on par with White House struggles to define his role as “border czar.” Twenty-six Republicans co-sponsored a resolution in March to remove Harris from her border management post because they believe she and President Joe Biden have completely failed in their mission to secure the southern border.