Kane Brown showcases his basketball skills at Madison Square Garden

through Marcus K. Dowling


Kane Brown’s upcoming ‘Blessed and Free’ tour may be country music’s most ambitious post-pandemic tour. On the tour, Brown visits the arenas of all 29 National Basketball Association franchises in North America between October 2021 and February 2022. Feeling comfortable on stage and on the court.

“Madison Square Garden! Give me a day deal 😂,” wrote the artist whose most recent single is his collaboration with Chris Young for “Famous Friends.” Brown performs in the “Worlds Most Famous Arena” on January 15, joined by openers Restless Road – the group who recently became the first artist to sign to their 1021 Entertainment label.

As for Brown’s ability to land 30-foot three-point shots and fancy layups, Brown was a high school basketball player who, before singing songs like Lauren Alaina’s duet “What Ifs,” envisioned strongly to become a college basketball player.

In one interview 2018 with the Country Daily of Nashville, he said, “I thought I was going to go to college and, you know, [play] ball-soccer or basketball-and then the talent show was coming up, and that’s when I started singing again. My homie was like, ‘Man, you gotta do the talent show,’ so I started learning Chris Young [songs].

“I started singing ‘Gettin’ You Home,’ so I went to sing at my talent show, and I ended up winning. Then they wanted me to do an encore, and I did ‘Your Man. by Josh Turner… I started posting covers on Facebook and I got lucky. People started sharing my stuff and I was like, ‘You know what? I just want to take this as a career.