Lansing Everett Championship women’s basketball teams will enter the lobby

Back then, Darryl Scott knew what he was going through was a big deal when he was an assistant coach for a Lansing Everett women’s basketball program that established itself as one of the best in the state at the late 1990s and early 2000s.

But as he reflects two decades later, Scott realized even more the significance of what Everett did to get to three straight Class A championship games and win state titles in 2000 and 2001.

Outside of the Vikings, no Greater Lansing program has won back-to-back women’s basketball state titles in the Michigan High School Athletic Association’s two largest classes/divisions. And Everett’s 2000 and 2001 championship teams will be honored for their success Thursday when they are inducted into the Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame.

Seven individuals and three teams will be inducted in a ceremony at 4:30 p.m. at the Lansing Center.

“For me, what we did for the Lansing area, not just for women’s basketball, but for the Lansing school district (was important),” said Scott, who was assistant coach Johnny Jones. for these championship teams. back on top, we had a strong four-to-five run and just happened to win back-to-back state championships. We went to three straight state championship games. There was a period when we garnered all of Michigan’s attention and notoriety.

“What he did was bring positive recognition to the Lansing School District. For me, that was special.”

The Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame induction is part of a big weekend for the teams, which will also be celebrated at the Everett High School gymnasium from 1 to 4 p.m. Friday.

Sheena Moore, right, was among the key elements that helped Everett women's basketball win back-to-back Class A state championships in 2000 and 2001.

“The city lit up for them,” said LaToya Turner, who was then a student in Everett and helped plan the upcoming festivities. “That era was something special.

“They’re finally starting to appreciate what they’ve done. It’s definitely a long time coming.”

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Everett had plenty of talent in this era, with players like Sheena Moore and Patrice McKinney being top scorers. Miranda Walson and Kristen Rogers were the other starters for both championship teams.

The Vikings went 28-0 in 2000 while winning the first of the titles and followed that up with a 26-2 mark in 2001 to repeat as state champions. Everett rebounded from a 1999 state final loss to Utica by defeating Detroit Martin Luther King in the 2000 title game. The Vikings knocked out Saginaw Heritage in the 2001 national final.

Patrice McKinney, featured in the Class A State Finals in 2000, was a key player on Lansing Everett's state championship women's basketball teams in 2000 and 2001.

It took a decade for a team to win back-to-back Class A state titles after Everett pulled off the feat. The next team to do so was Grand Haven in 2012 and 2013.

Moore, who went on to play at UNLV and then overseas, enjoyed being part of a dynasty for the Vikings that began in 1998 when they nearly reached the Final Four with a roster that included Candice Jackson and Shakera. McReynolds.

“I don’t know the whole history of Michigan high school athletics, but we had a hell of a run for four years,” Moore said. “Four games or how many games we’ve lost, three state appearances (finals) and two championships in a row. Especially with basketball, that’s very hard to do.

“It was a special moment. A huge accomplishment. One of the things I’m most proud of in my basketball career is this honor that we are inducted. I feel like it’s a legacy that we were able to leave with Everett and with the town of Lansing.

The Lansing Everett women's basketball team celebrates winning the 2001 State Championship at Mt. Pleasant.

While the roster’s talent was evident with several players going on to play in Division I programs, Scott said what set Everett apart at the time was the family involvement.

“You need that to be a state championship team,” Scott said. “That means not only are you focusing on the current basketball season, but you’re promoting your daughter and taking her to travel tournaments, whether it’s AAU, Junior Pro. had a strong family involvement. That was the main thing when I tell people about these teams. It was a special group, but it was also a special amount of family involvement and community involvement.

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This adherence Moore noticed from his peers during this time. She remembers the many sacrifices the players made over those years to help Everett become a statewide force.

“It was a real commitment,” Moore said. “I don’t know if everyone knew at the time how much we could accomplish. State championships were like the end result. We had summer practices and we did things like conditioning training summer of the Tennessee Lady Vols. We were absolutely at work.

“It’s the kind of success you need and the players need to buy into the vision. All of our coaches – it was just the full effort with everything that went into it.”

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Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

When: 4:30 p.m., Thursday

Where: Lansing Center

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2022 Inductees: Jim Brandt, Roger Callard, Roland Carter, Josephine Mask, Dan Olsen, Rocky Shaft, Rachel Turney, 2000 Everett Women’s Basketball Team, 2001 Everett Women’s Basketball Team, Lansing Community College Softball Team 2000

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