Martinsville and Monrovia women’s basketball teams show shootout potential

MARTINSVILLE, Indiana — Martinsville High School hosted a full house Wednesday as 12 schools, including Monrovia, Roncalli, Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Whiteland and more, came to town for the girls’ basketball shootout artesian.

All facilities in Martinsville were in use, with the main gymnasium, auxiliary gymnasium and new field hosting basketball games from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The addition of the land was significant for Martinsville, having also hosted the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches State Team Duals. in January.

Artesian head coach Dave Dorsett was thrilled to have so many attendees at the event.

“Without these facilities, we cannot organize this,” Dorsett said. “People love what they see, it’s easy to use, easy to use, opponent friendly. It’s good to come and play in a place like this, which I think is the one of the best ever.”

The Artesians and Bulldogs worked hard over the summer, competing in a variety of summer games. The shootout was another opportunity to see their teams in action. Here are some of the main takeaways from the two.

Martinsville on the ebb and flow

The main question for Martinsville heading into the new season is how the team will function without a main star.

Since at least 2014, the program has been fortunate to attract top athletes, with Nova Southeastern-bound Delaney Wolfe being the latest. This is the first season in which the Artesians have a new roster to see new players rise to the occasion.

That being said, a big part of the focus this summer has been on working as a team.

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“We’re building the chemistry, the hard work and the work ethic that we haven’t had in several years,” Dorsett said. “We build that by sharing basketball and playing as a team. With hard-working kids, it’s easier to teach them.”

The team got a valuable first look at a Mid-State Conference opponent, taking on and beating Whiteland, a game that was close in the final minutes. They also played against Richmond and Bloomington South.

Dorsett has liked what he’s seen from his squad so far over the summer, which featured 19 games in a month.

“Work hard with this group, they will be competitive,” he said. “They’re fun to coach, we don’t care about the scoreboard, we just play. We’ll see where we land. It was a good game for us against Whiteland. We won a lot in that game.”

The elders mobilize for the Artésiens

Three Martinsville seniors, Holly Galyan, Maci Dorsett and new recruit Chloe Huff, have taken it upon themselves to take charge of the team.

Galyan was often vocal, directing traffic on the pitch, whether in attack or defence. She also took a lot of the scoring effort, which will be new for her, having averaged 2.6 points last season. She was responsible for a clutch bucket in the final minute against Whiteland.

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“Holly really stepped up her game and was kind of the benchmark,” Dorsett said. “We have good leaders. The seniors are seniors but treat the freshmen as part of the group. It’s been a great thing. They know what’s fair and what the coaches expect.”

Much of Dorsett’s squad is made up of players he’s seen through the system and coached since elementary school. So being able to coach this team is something special for him.

“This band is what I consider my band,” he said. “We started with them when they were little and now we’re here. I wasn’t the coach (all the time), but now they’ve landed on my lap. So we have a good respect factor for everyone. other.”

Monrovia is gaining momentum

From the start of the action, the Bulldogs are already preparing to continue the success they had at the end of the 2021-22 season.

In three contested games, including a convincing 48-33 win over Covington, Monrovia looked solid on both sides of the ball. The Bulldogs showed a knack for playing gritty defense and scoring from all points on the field.

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Much like the Artesians, Monrovia has been busy this summer, playing a variety of games. Today was the first time coach Kevin Rounds got to see the whole team in action.

“Today is the first day that everyone is together, so that’s really good,” he said. “Having everyone in that first game against Covington was good. Seeing some growth with the players. Hopefully they build with this moment.”

Bulldogs star players look fresh

On what seemed like every possession, guard Emery Newlin was wreaking havoc on the ballhandlers, offering steal after steal. Newlin was a player who emerged in the second half of last season. His aggressive style of play has been a major advantage for the Bulldogs.

“She’s been a really good player for us,” Rounds said. “Emery is as aggressive as anyone, which is great. She’s constantly looking to get an angle on a girl and steal. The other two guards, Ashley (Lewis) and Mary (Cox), back her up and give her the ability to be aggressive on and off the ball.”

Lewis, a senior, looked like herself, doing just about everything from driving the lane and grabbing rebounds, to pulling deep and pressing ball handlers.

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The Bulldogs aren’t a very big team, so it’s important for them to fight for every stray ball. They did just that on Wednesday, and Rounds likes the direction the team has been taking since the start of the season.

“We’re not tall, but I think our speed and athleticism is a big key for us. We can use that to our advantage. The girl adjusted (today) like we needed to adjust. is one of the things that’s been fun with this team this summer. They can fix a lot of their own mistakes. I think that’s a sign of a mature and good team.”

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