reveals the best preseason college basketball teams

College basketball practice started this week, which means the season is only a bit advanced. And that means it’s time for everyone to start aiming for picking the best college basketball teams for the upcoming season.’s Andy Katz updated his preseason rankings, picking the top 36 college basketball teams a few weeks before the Associated Press Top 25 poll and USA TODAY Coaches poll were released. North Carolina, Gonzaga and Kentucky top Katz’s rankings.

More Way-Too-Early leaderboards. With the start of the semester, recruiting classes and reclassifications complete, transfer classes are full and everyone knows what each team’s roster will look like.

There might not be too many surprises atop Katz’s standings, as there seems to be a general consensus about the top few teams lining up this year. But after that there will be major differences, with Katz valuing some teams more than others, and other teams significantly less than the general consensus.

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Here’s a look at’s top 36 rankings for the 2022-23 season: