Plattsmouth’s Winscot hopes to take basketball skills to the next level at Iowa Western | Sports

(Plattsmouth) – Plattsmouth standout Kevin Winscot hopes to develop his game and take it to another level with Iowa Western.

The Blue Devils senior is delighted with an opportunity close to home with the Reivers.

“It kind of felt like the best fit for me,” Winscot told KMA Sports. “Seeing the outside of things and the environment and the relationship with (coaches), it felt like the best decision for me to focus on development and go JUCO.”

Winscot’s goals extend beyond the Iowa Western at this point, but he’s excited to see how his game evolves at Council Bluffs.

“It’s really close to my house,” he added. “My dad likes it. My sisters and my brothers went there before me. It’s a good place for me.

Winscot averaged 11.1 points, 5.9 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game last season for the Blue Devils.

“Hopefully I can get past JUCO and take it to the next level,” Winscot said. “Train like a pro. It’s my state of mind. Only you can stop, and that’s how I look at it and see it. I have to keep going and keep working no matter where I am or what level I am at.

“I just want to work my best and get to the next level. Whatever it takes, when and where.

Hear more with Winscot in the full interview below.

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